Being Unique

I want you to imagine a crowd. Everybody is wearing red tee-shirts and denim shorts. Now imagine yourself in the crowd. You have two options- wear the same clothes, or wear a blue shirt instead. Would you want to fit in? Or would you want to stand out?

Obviously, our minds are telling us to fit in. That’s what we’ve been taught. Do what everybody else is doing, and you will make friends, and fit in.

We all see that group at school (or sport, uni ect.) who judge everybody based on what they wear, and how they look. Horrible isn’t it. They all go out wearing similar clothing, they act the same, they talk the same, and in some scenarios, they look the same. Your too scared to speak out loud because of what they may say or even think. The only reason that group is so judgy, is because their insecure. They are seeing your beauty and your positivity and wishing they had it. They are jealous that you have the best hair, or the best eyebrows, or the most amazing personality. They are insecure, and by judging you it makes them feel better.

I still remember the day i went to do a speech, and one of the girls muttered something under her breath, and it put me off for the entire speech. I just stood there, and couldn’t say what I wanted to. But i was okay, besides, what she says doesn’t even matter.

What does being unique even mean? Standing out? Being individual? Having good friends instead of many? All of the above. You stand out, and by doing that, your also encouraging those who are scared to stand out, to join you. Your individual. You know what you want, and your not going to let anything stop you. You have a few good quality friends, instead of many ‘friends’. You have faith in the future, and do things in the now. You don’t go out and do things that girls of our age, shouldn’t do. You listen to yourself. And most importantly, you are yourself.

The photo attached to this post, is a yellow umbrella in a storm of grey ones. Be the yellow umbrella.

This post is dedicated to all those who are unique, to all those who want to be, and to all those who dream of standing out. Be who you are. Be strong. You are beautiful.

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Created by Charlii @ The Savvy Teen.