How to pick the perfect lipstick

There are so many ways to choose the perfect lipstick. You can choose it by skin tone, by look colour, experimenting and more!

Skin Tone

Fair Skin: For fair skin, I would go with nudes and corals. Darker colours tend to wash out people with fair skin. If you want to try out a red, it’ll be a fantastic bold colour!

Pink skin undertones: if you tend to have pink undertones, a neutral palette is perfect for this skin undertone. The more neutral pinks, orange, corals and light reds are specifically good for pink undertones. Try and stay away from dark reds and darker colours.

Olive Toned Skin: Olive toned skin has such a wide, broad range of lip colours that go with it. You can experiment with different colours, and you can try with lights/darks. However, try to avoid colours that clash with undertones. Browns and purples would clash, so try to work around those.

Dark Skin: Reds and corals are absolutely perfect for your skin tone. Dark colours can work too, it’s just all about the undertone of the colour.

Look Colour:

If you are wearing a bright blue shirt, wearing a bright red lipstick might not go! My go to lipstick is always a coral/red colour, because it matches my eyeshadow colour. Those coral colours go with pretty much any outfit, as they are not bright and out there. For red lipstick, people tend to stick with neutral or white outfit colours. Bold lip colours- neutral outfits. Neutral lip colours- bold outfit statements. That statement is the basics of the lip colours.


It’s always best to experiment, before you choose. Grab a few lipsticks, try them out and even try to combine colours. You can try to put a lipstick and then a gloss on top, or just experiment basic colours. You can try to find your signature lip colour by experimenting!

My signature colour is the Savvy Minerals by Young Living tangerine infused lipstick in the shade ‘I Dare You’!

Use this guide, go ahead and choose your signature colour! Let me know in the comments what your signature lipstick is!

Charlii x

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Created by Charlii @ The Savvy Teen.