My Everyday Makeup Routine

Even though it is the new year, some things definitely will not change. For example, my Everyday Makeup routine! I mean, that has never changed! I seem to stick to the same routine every single day, and it suits for every occasion. I will give you my makeup products in order of how I use them.  The links for the products will be in the names, so make sure to click the name of the product you like! Enjoy!

Art Light Moisturiser– I have not pictured this moisturiser, however I swear by it. It honestly makes your skin feel so smooth and is the perfect base for the powder foundation. I apply a pea-sized amount onto the back of my hand, and then rub it into the 5 points of my face that all product gets applied to; forehead, cheeks- count as two, chin and nose)

Misting Spray– The most crucial step of your makeup routine using the Savvy Minerals by Young Living powder is the misting spray. I just pump out one to two sprays of it on my Foundation brush (pictured) and then lightly tap it on the back of my hand to even out the spray. You are then ready to apply the foundation.

Foundation– This is by far one of the most full coverage foundations I have ever used. It also makes the face feel super smooth, and helps to blend and smoothen out imperfections. Just tap a little bit into the lid. Using the freshly misted brush, swirl the foundation in the lid, and then apply to the face! Simple!

Contour– I use the SMBYL Bronzer for my contour. Since this is everyday, I just lightly brush it on my forehead, cheekbones, temples and jawline. It helps to create a deeper structure in the face.

Eyeshadow– Okay so i have two little tricks for this, depending on the occasion. Usually I will just apply a small amount of the bronzer to my eyes- however If I want a more extensive eye look, I use the pinky toned shade of the palette with the purple toned shade to help with that! (unfortunately the palette is not available in Australia, however I will link you an eyeshadow that is similar!)

Highlighter– I use the veil for my highlighter. This is the most shimmery and incredibly highlighter ever! It can be an all-over subtle glow, or a more prominent highlight.

Lips– My lips depend on the eye look. If I do the bronzer for my eyeshadow, the brown lipgloss goes on (it just helps with that bronzed-goddess look) and if I do the darker eye look, the lipstick goes on!

That is my routine! You may notice I have not put my eyebrow products in, and that is simply because I make them myself- using savvy makeup of course, but I just want you to pretend I already have them on!

Let me know in the comments, or on the facebook group what your go to makeup look is, and your favourite product!

(If you have an interest in a product, you can contact me, or go to and my mum Naomi will help you there!)

Charlii x

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