Top 8 Netflix Shows

I absolutely love Netflix and watching TV on the weekends, so I decided that I would list my top 8 favourite shows on Netflix that you need to watch! There’s some for my younger audience and my older audience!

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Set in the 99th Precinct of the NYPD (New York Police Department), this show follows a team of detectives and their new captain. The main character, Jake Peralta is a top detective, despite his careless and sometimes-crazy attitude. His partner, Amy Santiago, is the complete opposite. She does everything by the books and is obsessed with Binder Folders. This show is hilarious, and I would highly recommend.

Age: 14+

Seasons: 6

H20 Just Add Water

For my younger audience, this one is for you!

This show is all about mermaids, and It follows 3 Australian girls, Rikki, Emma, and Cleo. The three girls find themselves on the mysterious Mako Island, where they end up in a pool that turns them into mermaids. The girls are rescued, but each of them finds themselves with tails when they touch the water.

Age: 7+

Seasons: 3

Pretty Little Liars

Set In a small town called Rosewood, this show follows the lives of five girls: Hanna Marin, Emily Fields, Spencer Hastings, Aria Montgomery and Alison Dilarentus. However, the friend group falls apart when Alison (who is the leader of the group) goes missing. One year later, the girls are brought back together by mysterious texts from someone who signs off as A. The girls think it is Alison playing a trick on them, however, when her body is found, it opens up a whole new world of questions.

Age: 15+

Seasons: 7 (however, a spin-off show is coming soon, including Alison and Mona!)

Full House

This show is an American sitcom made in 1987. It follows the lives of a Widowed father Danny Tanner, and his three daughters D.J., Stephanie and Michelle. Danny asks his brother-in-law Jesse Katsopolis, and his best friend Joey Gladstone to assist in helping around the house. Together they raise the three daughters, and alongside everyone in the family, we learn life lessons. This show, is a classic, and even your parents would know about it, it is funny and heart-warming.

Age: 7+

Seasons: 8 (and…. You can watch Fuller House on Netflix too- which shows the original cast grown up!)


Set in the small town of Riverdale, this show follows Archie Andrews, and his best friends Betty Cooper and Jughead Jones. It also follows the newly moved in Veronica Lodge. The four friends think that everything is going great in Riverdale, however the death of Jason Blossom, and the untold stories that uprise from this set them back. They enlist the help of Cheryl Blossom, Jason’s twin sister, but she may be more work than they thought.

Age: 14+


The Vampire Diaries

Elena Gilbert is a teenage girl who is just lost both of her parents in a tragic car accident. She meets Stefan Salvatore, a 162-year-old Vampire. Their relationship becomes more and more complex as Stefan’s brother Damon comes home to Mystic Falls. When Elena finds out about the two boys being Vampires, she freaks out and becomes scared. After many months of getting used to it, she grows on it, and everything seems normal… but is it?

Age: 16+

Seasons: 8

The IT Crowd

The IT Crowd is set at the building belonging to Reynholm Industries. It follows the lives of Roy, Moss, and Jen- the only three people who work in the untidy and messy basement- the IT Department. This show is a comedy, with plot twists and hilarious romances.

Age: 14+

Seasons: 5

One Day At A Time

This show follows the life of a Cuban-America family, with each member of the family finding themselves. The main persona, Penelope Alvarez- who is an ex-United States Army Corps and a single mother, has a lot of unresolved issues from her time in the army. Her Mother, Lydia has moved in with them and has a small room separated by a curtain. Elena and Alex are the two children of the family. Besides planning Elena’s quinceanera, Penelope also has to deal with PTSD, Alex’s sporting commitments, Romance and also Schnieder- who is the guy that lives upstairs, and acts as a father figure for the children, despite acting like one most days.

Age: 12:

Seasons: 3

There you go, everyone! If you have any other suggestions for any shows let me know!

Charlii xo

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